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8 Annoying Things About Salary Week

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Annoying things About salary week. Salary week is probably the most depressing week as a salary earner. The expectation and the calculations, the money that has already been spent in your head, and the bills that become more obvious don’t do much to help either. Here we outline 8 Annoying things About salary week.

1. The Sudden Quietness

Annoying Things About Salary WeekYou’d never be able to put your finger on it but for that entire week before your salary comes in, there’s a quietness around, and it won’t be the peaceful type. Just deep sighing and casual anxiety. Which keep happening over and over with the bad vibes.

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2. The Money hasn’t arrived but it has finished

Annoying Things About Salary WeekThat moment when your expected spending is more than your salary or income, you are already running deficit before the money hit your account. You don’t even need to earn a salary for this to happen to you. Money just doesn’t like to stay in one place, If it’s not being spent, it’s not happy.

3. The Heart attack when you are expecting the Alert

Things About Salary WeekThe anxiety when expecting alert can make you check your message or account balance every hour, it can even make you insult any network provider that send a message during that period.

Especially if it’s a little later than normal. It’s so unnecessary because why is your brain telling you that you won’t get something you worked hard for? Everybody should get out abeg.

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4. Things start finishing

Things About Salary WeekFor some reason, things start finishing a lot during salary week. All of a sudden your data finishes, foodstuff follows closely behind, DSTV, and finally, if you are unfortunate, your gas will follow suit.

5. Ads become more frequent

Ads become more frequentDuring salary week, did you notice Ads pop up on your gadget often more than normal weeks? It’s almost like the internet knows that money is about to enter or has enter your bank account. You start getting more Ads, and for once you dare to consider getting those things you’ve been putting off, all the best sha.

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6. Things start spoiling

Things start spoilingIt’s always during salary week that some of your things will start spoiling, is that week that your car will know it’s tired of Nigerian roads. That TV, Fan, generator, phone and laptop that you have been managing will suddenly give up the ghost too, salary week has bad vibes for real.

7. Friends and Family members rise from their hiding place

Friends and Family membersAll of a sudden your friends needs your help, mom need money to buy some stuff, or your uncle wants to start a new business and your younger siblings will call to cry about how broke they are.
Wahala for who get family sha.

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8. The depression after you spend the money

Annoying things About salary week Top 20 Pidgin English Phrases to Use in NigeriaThat feelings you have after the salary has finished, it will make you start thinking and become a mathematician on how you have manage to spent it. Post salary depression is a thing, so if you know anyone earning a salary, do the right thing and dash them small money this month.

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