Top 10 Ways to Manage Data

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Managing data can be problematic when your phone consumes too much data. That’s why we have compiled a list of top 10 Ways to Manage Data. The first step to solving any problem is to know the problem. Diagnose what consumes the data by checking your system settings. Check the apps and their settings to know the data usage daily. Here is a list of  top 10 ways to manage data.

1. Connect to Wi-Fi whenever available

2. Check data setting

Go to ‘settings’ then ‘Data Usage’. Find out which app uses the data most, this will guide you on the next step to manage the data usage. When you find out which app uses data more check the app. Then find out the setting to disable on the app for lower data consumption. This is essential for data management.

3. Check the setting of all your apps to ensure that nothing is set to automatically upload except when connected to Wi-fi.

4. Minimize your visits to apps that involves viewing of photos and videos.

Try to avoid apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. This apps consumes not just data but battery.

5 Set a data limit

Go to the settings then set data limit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This will help monitor your data usage and help re-strategize for a better data plan to use.

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6. Check data syncing intervals

Your email, calendar and contact apps sync data daily. However, you can set it to sync when connected to WIFI or sync data every few hours.

Top 10 Ways to Manage Data

7. Disable auto-update apps

Make sure the google play app is not set to automatically update your apps. Open Google play then tap the menu in the upper left corner. Click on ‘Settings’ and set the ‘Auto-update apps’ to ‘ Don not auto-update apps’ or ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-fi only’.

8. Disable unnecessary background notifications

Limit specific instances of unnecessary background data use opt to disable social and news updates.

9. Disable auto-play or auto download of files/videos in apps settings

Auto download of unnecessary video or files can be annoying and such a waste. So you should disable the ‘auto download’ or set it to ‘when connected to Wi-Fi’.

10. Compress your mobile web experience

In order to make your browser less of a data sucker opt into the ‘Lite Mode’. For example, ‘Chrome Android Browser’ has an option called Lite Mode that compresses data before it reaches you for as much as 60%. These are the primary top 10 ways to manage data.

In conclusion, you need to use one or few of these tips to manage your data. Also, set your video or audio quality preference to a lower standard. When downloading a video or audio ensure your download quality is ‘low’. Avoid streaming online. This is the most effective way to way on how to manage data. Avoid streaming online or downloading videos in advance in order to use data for a long period of time.

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