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28 Annoying Things Ladies Do to Guys

There are several annoying things ladies do that most people don’t admit to. We live in a society where most ladies want to belong to the ‘slaying’ club.

Ladies today act all sophisticated and graceful like they are perfect. The irony is that when they are trying to behave graceful and perfect, they tend to do some annoying things.

1. Pretending to be fine when they’re indeed upset.

Like why will you answer a guy with “I’m fine” or “Nothing” when you’re angry about something. That atmosphere is not cool at all. This tops the list of annoying things ladies do.

Annoying Things Ladies Do to Guys

2. Constant complain about their looks.

Ladies are the most critical people even to ourselves. Stop complaining, you’re your own judge.

3. Ignoring an advise after asking for it.

For some reason, they just need to hear what others have to say about the solutions to their problems then brushing them off as though they never said anything or asked for your advise.

4.Trying to get away from a bad attitude.

Using the ‘cute’ attitude to get away from corrections. The irony is that taking responsibility of your bad attitude is much more cute.

Annoying Things Ladies Do to Guys
Very annoying

5. Being too friendly with other guys.

Unnecessary friendliness with other guys is very annoying especially to your boyfriend.

6. Laughing out loud about something on phone.

Guys don’t find it attractive when you let out that heart aching laughter when they are totally unaware of what’s funny. Most Ladies have that bad attitude of operating phone even on a date.

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7. Ending up in a bad relationship after complaining about the good ones.

Annoying Things Ladies Do to Guys

8. Talking about themselves for too long and gossiping about others.

I mean, there are more important things in life.

9. Flaunting praises to people on social media when they despise them in reality.

10. Acting dumb.

There is a difference between acting silly and pretending to be dumb because they think it’s cute meanwhile, it is annoying.

11. Being self-conscious.

If only ladies know how attractive confidence is, then they will stop being self conscious in everything they wear, do or say. Among most of the list  of annoying things ladies do, this may be unexpected.

12. Clinginess.

Some ladies clings like chewing gum please give your loved ones breathing space or are you conjoined twins?

Annoying Things Ladies Do to Guys

13. Dressing for too long.

Wasting too much time in the room dressing up is not cute as you all think. It’s annoying waiting for someone especially if the person was informed earlier.

14. Constant mood swings.

Yes, women have to go through hormonal change which is normal but try to control it by learning some healthy coping skills so that you won’t chase the people around you. In dealing with mood swings try to work out often.

15. Taking too many selfies.

16. Always seeking for attention.

Attention seeking for validation especially by posting slutty pictures online. Any guy will be proud to know that other guys find their girl attractive but not to the extent of posting a naked picture of yourself online or giving details about your life at any slight opportunity.

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17. Always asking opinion about how you look.

18. Too much expectation from someone when you barely gave anything.

19. Saying you don’t know what to eat.

Most times it doesn’t sound cute but very annoying.


20. Lack of relaxation.

Certainly it’s good to want things perfectly done; keeping the room clean, washing the clothes, etc. However, remember balance is key. There should be time to rest.

21. Being too invasive.

They call it curiosity but then it can be misinterpreted as: insecurity, jealousy and overprotectiveness.

22. Looking attractive then changing after some time.

Annoying Things Ladies Do to Guys

23. Being unnecessarily too annoying and blaming it on the special visitor.

It is okay to crave food at this moment but it is not anyone duty to provide. It is fine to have mood swings but it can be controlled.

24. Leading you on.

Annoying Things Ladies Do to Guys

25. Too much make up or not wearing enough make up.

Anything you want to do please look good in it. Men don’t like it when you look like a masquerade or a frustrated lady.

26. Restraining orders.

Giving orders to men because he want something from you can be a turn off.

27. Getting too emotional.

Men feel dominant when a lady gets emotional about something and comes to them for comfort. However, they find it disgusting when a lady is overtly emotional too often.

28. Indirectly asking for something.

Ladies please try to say what you need rather than expecting men to decode every message you send. Most times men don’t understand what you’re asking for if you don’t say it directly.


Written by Esther Odediran

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