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20 Ridiculous Questions Kids Ask

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Here are 20 ridiculous questions kids ask. Raising kids is not easy and that is why most parents give the most ridiculous advice to their children sometimes. Most especially when your child is still very young.

Severally, you will be bombarded with questions and will be confuse on how to answer. What ‘no-parents’ don’t understand is that you really cannot understand what it is like to be a parent and what it is like to raise children until you have children of your own. The first answer that comes to your mind may seem ‘inappropriate’ for the child or ‘unreasonable’.

20 Ridiculous Questions Kids Ask

The most annoying one is when the child ask an ‘adult’ related stuff. Don’t get angry or shout at them. You should understand that at this stage they are curious, naïve, observant and most especially growing.

Here are 15 most ridiculous Parent advice ever:

1. Why do I have two eyes when I can only see one thing?

2. Does Mom means Made Of Money?

3. How did people made tools when they did not have any tools?

4. What does Dad use to buy money from the money shop?

5. What did it feel like on your last day of being a child?

6. Mum, are you a virgin?

7. Uncle, Are you single because you’re ugly?

8. Why can’t I see my forehead?

9. They said money is full of germs, is that why they call people who have a lot of it ‘filthy rich’ ?

10. Is that lady fat or does she have a baby in her tummy?

11. Dad, why does my piss come out faster when I sneeze?

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12. Aunty Claire, Why do you wear the same tattoo everyday?

13. Aunty why can’t it be Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday?… I mean, we all love Saturday and Sunday right?

14. My Aunt is my mum’s sister can you imagine!, why is the world so small?

15. Daddy, Why do we make a wish when we make the wish?

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16. Why will you ask me what I said when I wasn’t listening to myself?

17. Why do I get moody when I need food?

18. Mummy why am I angry?

19. Mummy why do you have bum-bum on your chest?

20. Why can’t it rain from the ground, why always up?

You can leave a comment below about some of the ridiculous questions kids asked you

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