6 Types of Uncles You Will Find in Nigeria

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You will find at least one among the different types of uncles in every Nigerian home. But first of all there are two kinds of uncles, the UNCLE and UNcle.

UNCLE are the ones that speaks good English and big grammars, they are also strict, while the UNcles the ones that are very jovial, can’t speak good English, have pot belly and is very generous with money.

In every Nigerian home there must be one or more of these types of uncles listed below.

1. The one that gives you money for recharge card

Types of Uncles
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This is everyone’s favorite uncle. He usually has slight pot belly and looks like he’s constantly enjoying life.

2. The one you don’t know what he does for a living

Types of Uncles
Credit; Funoni Couture

He is always wearing traditional clothes, expensive lace or very expensive kaftans, he always takes long calls and goes for business trips but nobody in the family knows what he does.

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3. I would get back to you

Whenever you ask him for favor he always tells you i will get back to you and never does.

4. The man of many families

You can never ask him how is your family because the response will be which one. He probably has a child in every local government area.

5. The cool uncle

He’s probably around your age, he lets you have fun and have fun with you too, he knows all the best places to hangout, h’s the reason your holidays are always so fun.

6. Sugar daddy uncle

He is always generous with money, he has women always calling his phone, he usually say things like how much? I’ll make a transfer and I’ll settle it on phone when he receives a call

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Written by Chidera Ajaefobi

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