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12 Causes of Broken Relationships

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There are several causes of broken relationships among couples and some are prevalent. No doubt, heart-break is painful and just few couples have been able to overcome the misunderstanding. Meanwhile, love they said overcome all things but it is not a new thing that relationships break, even those that have pass through the test of time.

12 Causes of Broken Relationships

As painful as break up is, it still happens. There are several causes to break up. Most of which are minor things ignored by partners and over time grows to something that may not be fixed again.

1. Withdrawal during misunderstanding

Partners who withdraw during a disagreement tend to be unhappier. Most times the guilty one withdraws. It is used as a defensive tool to avoid more truthful attacks.

2. Different level of understanding

When both partners are on the same page everything flows easily. Varying level of understanding has made a mole hill a mountain. This has caused more break-ups than needed.

 3. Always having high expectations

The unrealistic expectations of some partners in a relationship is overwhelming. This has caused lack of contentment and deprivation of happiness.

 4. Pretense

Another cause of broken relationship is pretense. A partner may pretend to be happy, satisfied and at peace whereas, he or she is going through the opposite so that the relationship won’t get broken.

5. Hiding feelings and expecting the partner to be a mind reader

This is an annoying attitude and primary reason of most break-ups. Whenever a partner need to say something then he or she should speak up. Your partner is human not a god.

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6. Comparing relationships

Comparing your relationship to someone else is harmful, Firstly, you should remember the people involved are different from yours. Social media is definitely not the right place to evaluate a relationship. Underneath every beautiful love story there is always a rough edge. This has made some people have contempt for their partner.

7. Not compromising

If you don’t want your relationship to end in break-up, then you need to make compromising decisions. Love always give room for compromise whether you are right or wrong.

8. Aggression

In the society today, there are cases of abuses. Any aggressive partner will certainly have a broken relationship. Aggression is never a solution to misunderstanding.

9. Holding on to the past

The future is what you have now and will have soon. The past is gone but can cause a lot of chaos in the future if not dealt with. Deal with the past amicably with your partner with no secret left behind.

10. Trust issues

Any relationship that lacks trust will soon hit the rock. Trust brings peace, joy and even hope. You should not be insecure with your partner. It is too much stress.

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11. Differences in priority

Every couple should treat each other’s priority as theirs.

12. Lack of respect

Everyone should be treated with respect. When there is respect there would not be abuse in the relationship.

Most importantly, faithfulness is the utmost force that keeps a relationship going. The same way resourcefulness and empathy.

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