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10 Things You’ll Relate With If You Grew Up As A Tomboy

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Things you’ll relate with if you grew up as a tomboy, growing up a tomboy means you were most likely a girl who liked boyish things. You know, life was just more exciting on the other side.
Tomboy is a girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys.

A big part in being a tomboy and popular is maintaining somewhat boyish hobbies. Sports are a big deal. Play as many as you can, and don’t be afraid to get down and dirty while playing them. Run around, laugh, don’t be afraid of getting hurt, and just have fun while playing.

Your favourite colours are blue, black, brown, red and green. When you are younger you like watching Spider-Man.

Surely, you’ll find certain things on this list relatable.

1. Video games? Yes, please.

Video gamesWhen boys boast about how they’re trying hard not to beat you because you’re a girl, you most likely go: “bring it on.” Sports nko, thrilling.

You are good in video games and other sports games.

2. Hair struggles

You Grew Up As A TomboyOther girls get excited having to plait their hair weekly and look fine, but the urge for you to go on low cut never left you. Now, look who’s rocking bone straight. This is one of those things that will make you grew up as a tomboy.

3 You liked rolling with the boys

You Grew Up As A TomboyClimbing trees, jumping off roofs, riding bikes, stealing fruits from your strict neighbor’s compound, and other activities that qualify as “boys play” seemed super fun to you. If boys can do it, why can’t you even in a dress?

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4 You sat however was comfortable

Sit like a girl? Nope, not happening. The older women around you must have shouted “Close your legs” too many times to recount.

You will even prefer wearing short and trousers than a shirt.

5 You didn’t like bras

Growing up, you didn’t like bras, gowns, skirts or other girly items you were expected to like. They just seemed so unnecessary, especially if you developed breasts early.

Because you feel more comfortable in boys wears. If you are doing this probably you grew up as a tomboy.

6 Stealing your Brothers clothes

Not only did you find them more comfortable, but you will be thinking and saying “what are bros for?” Now you’ve graduated to stealing your male friends and boyfriends’ shirts. Well done.

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7. You don’t Pink

You might not have out rightly hated pink because of the coluor, but because it was naturally expected; blue is for boys, pink is for girls.

As tomboy, you will like colours like blue, black, brown, red and green. Which are not favourite colours by most girl.

8 The awkward feeling

The feeling of being different or out of place just seems more pronounced in certain situations. E.g. those silly birthday parties where everyone is expected to dress up.

Your mother probably compared you to other girls at your age who acted proper and didn’t have too many ripped dresses.

9 Your Parents didn’t mind

Your Parents didn’t mindThis is in rare occasions when you turned out to be the boy they never had. No comparisons, “girly” expectations, the marriage talk or threats of disowning you.

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10. Your body is no stranger to scars

As a result of hopping from one daring adventure to the other. During your younger age, you were following your male friends doing what they are doing: like playing sports, climbing and fighting. due to that that aspect you got injured and left scars in your body.

If you can relate with the post kindly take a minute to share this post with your friends or can you relate other things that are not on the list? Let us know in the comment section

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