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10 Great Places In Nigeria To Spend Vacation with Family

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Vacation is a special recreational time for most families, the connections and memories formed during such family adventure make for stories that will last for generations. Family vacations do not only build life long memories, they also break your family away from the usual routine, opening their minds to new cultures, foods and experiences.

There are many great places of interest in Nigeria to take family for vacation but we select some of the best 10 great places In Nigeria to spend vacation with family. Study found that people return from vacation happier and more relaxed.

Most parents will always love to go on family adventure and spend quality time with their kids, outside the traditional way of travelling to the village with the whole family by the end of the year, they have little or no idea about amazing family vacation destinations in Nigeria. The list of the 10 great places of attractions In Nigeria to spend vacation with family will help most parents.

1. Obudu Cattle Ranch

10 Great Places In Nigeria To Visit on Vacation with Family

Obudu cattle ranch also known as “Obudu Mountain Resort” is a ranch and resort on the Obudu Plateau in Cross River State. Obudu Cattle ranch resort is one of the great and wonderful places for family vacation in Nigeria.

It has water park with water slide and a swimming pool, a golf course, night-time bonfires and horseback riding. Besides, you will be having a close connection with your families and nature as you walk or stroll through forests and mountains while watching birds.

2. Yankari Games Reserve

Great Places In Nigeria to spend Vacation

Yankari national park is a large wildlife park and one of the best game reserve in Nigeria located in the south-central part of Bauchi State, in north-eastern Nigeria. it features several natural warm water springs, the Wikki River which is a natural swimming ground, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Children will be interested in seeing the baboons, hippos, elephants and other species of wildlife including variety of fishes and birds. it has a marshal cave Systems and Wikki Warm Springs are thrilling attractions ideal for family fun. It has outdoor and indoor sports facilities and satisfactory accommodation. This make it one of the 10 great places In Nigeria to spend vacation with family.

3. Agodi Parks and Gardens

Agodi Parks and Gardens

Agodi parks and gardens is a major tourist attraction in Ibadan, Oyo state. It is featuring a water park, a zoo, and a conference hall. For families that loves to spend great time in a quietness places Agodi parks and gardens is a great place to do that.

It is a peaceful spot and a fun place to take your family on vacation and it has attractive features include a mini zoo, wide picnic spots, play area for children, water park, swimming pool, among others. It has food spots that can easily fulfil your family cravings. with all these features make it a great place for a family vacation.

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4. Abraka Turf and Country Club

Abraka Turf and Country Club

Abraka turf & country club is a private country resort situated in Delta state in Southern Nigeria. The resort caters for both business and leisure travelers, it aims to provide a luxury service in a wonderful green setting. It is a great place filled with so many recreational activities that children could easily pick from.

Abraka turf & country club has many art amenities associated with a lot of outdoor activities that children will cherish. there are tennis, go canoe-kayaking, horseback riding, polo, fishing and golfing which children will love to play. Secondary school children would love this country club.

5. Oguta Lake Holiday Complex

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex

Oguta lake holiday complex is located Oguta fresh water Lake, Oguta local government Area, Imo State. This freshwater lake is the second largest in the Nigeria. Majority of the recreational services there are water based. However, the place has many other features and amenities.

It has facilities and services which includes a Golf course of international standard, mini children recreational park, cruise boat services much more. Swimming is another activity and the confluence of Oguta Lake and Urashi River make for good sightseeing. And all these will make your family enjoy their vacation.

6. Okomu National Park, Edo State

The Okomu National Park, formerly the Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary, is a forest block within the Okomu Forest Reserve in the Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State. And one of the places of attractions in Nigeria. This make it one of the 10 great places In Nigeria To visit on vacation with family.

It has over 150 varieties of birds each with its distinctive acrobatic display that will make members of the family amaze while watching it. Children will be astonish seeing the White throated monkey, forest elephants and other wildlife species, and with suitable air-conditioned accommodation.

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7. Olumo Rock -Tourist Centre

Great Places In Nigeria to spend Vacation

Olumo Rock is a mountain located in the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State, south-western Nigeria. And was normally used as a natural fortress during inter-tribal warfare in the 19th century.

While this is not exactly a vacation spot, it will be amazing you take your children on a trip to Olumo rock and allow them to survey and enjoy the mountainous views. The sight is extremely awesome, and with the help of tour guides, children can actually learn more about the Egba people and their culture.

8. Rojenny Tourist Village

Rojenny holiday tourist village is a tourist resort in the town of Oba, Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State. the resort has a zoo with animals such as baboon, python, the green monkey, tortoise, lion, etc.; rare birds such as peacock, eagle, flamingo, ostrich, etc.; aquatic animals like turtle, alligator, crocodile, etc.

It has Ozo village museum, the Rojenny international stadium, an amusement park for children, a lawn tennis court, a basketball court, a volleyball court, an Olympic-sized swimming pool with elaborate and fully developed poolside, a night Club etc. All these will make your family enjoy their vacation.

9. Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls

Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls

Erin-Ijesha waterfalls is located in Erin-Ijesha. It is a tourist attraction located in Oriade local government area, Osun State. It is fun places to take kids on vacation. On the first layer of water, you can take a warm swim with your children and there are spaces available for small picnic with your family.

It has seven layers of rising plains. The water levels are different and the speed of the water varies. A trip to this beautiful waterfall is a great experience for the entire family; however, caution must be taken as the stairs on the waterfall are quite slippery, especially on the steep slopes.

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10. Lekki Conservation Center

10 Great Places In Nigeria to spend Vacation

Lekki conservation centre is a reserve for wildlife and it is located situated in Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State, on Lekki Peninsula. Widely acclaimed as an icon of nature conservation and pearl of ecotourism. It is one of the best recreational  center in Nigeria.

The natural habitats of this center has preserved making it a vacation spot for nature lovers from around the world. It’s a better experience than going to a Zoo. You walk around and the animals, such as birds, monkeys, and turtles are free to roam around.

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